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Beautifully written & illustrated. This book shows & encourages young readers how important it is to give back to God. It was so cute about how Johnny chose to spend his dollar. A must-have for all households! Review of "Johnny Had a Dollar" By: Tammy Jean Willeford This book is clearly written, concise in guiding the student to search the Bible for answers to the questions that will create in them the answers to spiritual questions. This is "getting back to the Bible" at it's best. I recommend it as an easy to use study for all ages. Review of "To Know the Love of Christ" By: Justin Hopkins
There has been much thought put into this book, and it would be a great book to use as a 'new converts' class. Even though it is written for the newer Christian, it would do well to be read by many others too, as there is a lot more to 'walking in the Light' then those first few steps, and Kevin Rhodes puts it well what many of us are forgetful and lacking in. Thanks Kevin -Review of "Beyond Baptism" By: Kevin W. Rhodes

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